About Us

Founded in 2011 by the core duo Yaron Kidron and Jen Costillo as a way to voice the different technology issues we find in the industry. We each approach product development from different angles based on our core expertise.

Our consulting services focus on delivering engineering solutions for consumer and medical products.

Key industries:

Wearables (fitness and sport)

Consumer electronics

Medical Forensics

Biometrics (finger print)

Mobile devices (Android)

Key skill sets:

Firmware development

Diverse subset of programming language

Android device and application

Hardware bring up

Algorithm development including DSP

Windows system programming/WPF/C#

Prototyping hardware and software designs

 by Steve Rolston http://www.steverolston.com/

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Workshop: Optimizing Code For Memory and Performance

Workshop: Optimizing Code For Memory and Performance

This workshop I have created goes by a few different names:

How to Squeeze a Processor for Memory and Performance

or the longer name:

Squeezing Blood From A Stone: Getting Back Memory and Performance

Regardless of what name got you here, it will debut in less than a month at Hack A Day’s Super Conference November 14th & 15th. It will happen Sunday the 15th 12:15am. 

We’ll guide you though a series of labs to explain how to measure performance and memory, then the basics of improving them based on your goals.

Since this is a hands on but very short workshop focusing on using the following free tools (Download and install it yourself BEFORE the workshop or you’ll be sad) and cheap hardware:


108: Ne-Ne-Nebarious

108: Ne-Ne-Nebarious

I went back to talk with El and Chris about wearables and IoT security (Check the link for even more info) in advance of the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley.  I’ll probably get the slides up soon.

Meanwhile, I am interested in getting back to doing choreography fused with technology. I was really impressed with this years tech program that Ballet Silicon Valley did and missed my own work. I am also interested in learning and sharing with others, so  I am putting out the call for collaborators on either end by emailing at this domain to the info@ account. See more at http://catmachinesdance.com.

Fashionably Practical: Fusing Fashion & Technology

Fashionably Practical: Fusing Fashion & Technology


Conference Talks 2014

Conference Talks 2014

It’s that time of year when I come out of my cocoon and give conference talks as a beautiful butterfly. Actually, it’s more like cast off my engineering garb, take a shower, and put on some executive styles.

I kicked it off early with a brief talk at Design Con sponsored Geek Girl Dinner where I introduced the concept of bringing reliable safety to wearables.

Here’s the current schedule:

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EE Live!

As always, I am always recommending El White’s quick intro to the Internet of Things:

View from the top: Designing An Android Sensor Subsystem and Solving Common Sensor Problems

View from the top: Designing An Android Sensor Subsystem and Solving Common Sensor Problems

The OSCON slides covering Android Sensor Subsystem design from the application developer perspective.

Designing an Android Sensor Subsystem: the slides

Designing an Android Sensor Subsystem: the slides

I had a great time at the Androids Builders Summit earlier this week. It was a great chance to learn some new critical skills in Android development.

Below are my slides from my sensor subsystem talk. In summary, you can spend all the time in the world trying to optimize for power and user experience, here’s one way to expedite that process by narrowing down to a few key decisions.