About Us

Founded in 2011 by the core duo Yaron Kidron and Jen Costillo as a way to voice the different technology issues we find in the industry. We each approach product development from different angles based on our core expertise.

Our consulting services focus on delivering engineering solutions for consumer and medical products.


Key industries:

Wearables (fitness and sport)

Consumer electronics

Medical Forensics

Biometrics (finger print)

Mobile devices (Android)


Key skill sets:

New Technology Investigation and Introduction

Firmware development (from initial startup through rigorous development process)

Diverse subset of programming language

Android device and application development

Hardware bring up

Algorithm development including DSP

Windows system programming/WPF/C#

Prototyping hardware and software designs

Design for Manufacturability

Management of Manufacturing

 by Steve Rolston http://www.steverolston.com/

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