108: Ne-Ne-Nebarious

I went back to talk with El and Chris about wearables and IoT security (Check the link for even more info) in advance of the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley.  I’ll probably get the slides up soon.

Meanwhile, I am interested in getting back to doing choreography fused with technology. I was really impressed with this years tech program that Ballet Silicon Valley did and missed my own work. I am also interested in learning and sharing with others, so  I am putting out the call for collaborators on either end by emailing at this domain to the info@ account. See more at http://catmachinesdance.com.

Movies That Turned Me Geeky (or at least reminded me how much I love engineering)

At the end of 2014, I did a podcast with the Embedded.fm team. We covered a lot and I had a lot of things on my list. We didn’t get to everything.

  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (original version)
  • Tron (How did we miss this?)
  • Virtuosity (cheesy but a good cautionary tale)
  •  Moog

I love the Moog movie. For any synthhead, it’s a chance to learn a lot about Bob Moog. For me, it is reminds my why I became an engineer and how I approach engineering. As he sits in his home garden you experience how he draws upon everything around him in his approach to engineering.

It’s how I try to approach cross-functional engineering. You have to draw upon more than just CS, EE, and SW know-how. Sometimes, I need to remember optics, audio,  mechanics, even bio mechanics (yes, and a lot of physics) to make things work or just understand why they won’t.

If you are thin on inspiration, check this one out.