Design West Presenter Schedule

It’s that time of year when the smell rosin in the air and sometimes the tiniest hint of a blown cap. But it is also time to come out the San Jose McHenry Conference center and check out what the various vendors for Design West 2013 (formerly known as the Embedded Systems Conference).

This year Jen is will be participating in three session:

  • Start Tinkering– Panel discussion covering everything you need to know about getting started on your own tech projects. We discuss everything from why to equipment to vendors to avoiding problems – Tuesday April 23, 9:30am, Room: 210 GH Free to expo pass holders
  • Sensors Saving Lives– Moderated panel discussion with four different perspectives of using sensors in health. Representatives from A.M. Fitzgerald and Associates, Fitbit, iRhythm, and Logical Elegance give you the critical information about sensors in your health devices. – Wednesday April 24, 1:00pm, Room: Expo Theater – Free to expo pass holders
  • Android Sensors: A Top to Bottom Approach– Jen’s informative Android sensor talk introducing new designers to the entire process from hardware selection through Android application development. Exclusive Android App to attendees – Wednesday April 24, 3:00pm, Room: 210 EF

If you have not obtained your passes, you can obtain them here and use the coupon SP100 for a heavily discounted all-access pass. However the expo pass is always free.

We will see you there.



Web Browser Recollections

It came up in the office: Chrome has the market share of the browser market.

It was interesting hearing everyone make guesses about when certain browsers came to market and talking about when they changed to other ones and why. We talked about Mosaic and Netscape. Remember how long both were on 1.0 and 1.1? Remember the IE monopoly lawsuit?

For me, I was surprised that Opera was originally released in 1994. I suspect this was because of its genesis in Europe. I have been using it (and still using it) since 2002-ish. I like the mouse gesture and user profiles they had. However, I still end up using IE and Firefox but I still haven’t used Chrome. But I am finding Opera falling behind and the latest version is basically unusable.

What browsers are you using and why?

Designing an Android Sensor Subsystem: the slides

I had a great time at the Androids Builders Summit earlier this week. It was a great chance to learn some new critical skills in Android development.

Below are my slides from my sensor subsystem talk. In summary, you can spend all the time in the world trying to optimize for power and user experience, here’s one way to expedite that process by narrowing down to a few key decisions.

A New Year Means New Equipment

Welcome to RebelBot!

Us Rebel Bots have decided that life is too short to do our:

  • professional work,
  • consulting work,
  • hobby projects

with under-powered tools. Therefore, we opted to bring in the New Year with new equipment.

Yes, we are enjoying the OKI/Metcal PS-900 while trying to find a home the old Weller WLC100 (with 4 different fine tips).

What else are we doing? Stepping out more and talking about our work. Namely, writing proposals for OSCON and Linux Foundation instead of simply making the rounds at local circuit level. Why? Because sometimes you need to be your own example of what you want to see at a conference.

And finally, we are gathering our tech friends together to contribute to the discussion and create a broader set of opinions and ideas.

As a side note, if you want or need a trusty soldering iron for yourself or another organization, let us know.