Movies That Turned Me Geeky (or at least reminded me how much I love engineering)

At the end of 2014, I did a podcast with the team. We covered a lot and I had a lot of things on my list. We didn’t get to everything.

  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (original version)
  • Tron (How did we miss this?)
  • Virtuosity (cheesy but a good cautionary tale)
  • ¬†Moog

I love the Moog movie. For any synthhead, it’s a chance to learn a lot about Bob Moog. For me, it is reminds my why I became an engineer and how I approach engineering. As he sits in his home garden you experience how he draws upon everything around him in his approach to engineering.

It’s how I try to approach cross-functional engineering. You have to draw upon more than just CS, EE, and SW know-how. Sometimes, I need to remember optics, audio, ¬†mechanics, even bio mechanics (yes, and a lot of physics) to make things work or just understand why they won’t.

If you are thin on inspiration, check this one out.