A New Year Means New Equipment

Welcome to RebelBot!

Us Rebel Bots have decided that life is too short to do our:

  • professional work,
  • consulting work,
  • hobby projects

with under-powered tools. Therefore, we opted to bring in the New Year with new equipment.

Yes, we are enjoying the OKI/Metcal PS-900 while trying to find a home the old Weller WLC100 (with 4 different fine tips).

What else are we doing? Stepping out more and talking about our work. Namely, writing proposals for OSCON and Linux Foundation instead of simply making the rounds at local circuit level. Why? Because sometimes you need to be your own example of what you want to see at a conference.

And finally, we are gathering our tech friends together to contribute to the discussion and create a broader set of opinions and ideas.

As a side note, if you want or need a trusty soldering iron for yourself or another organization, let us know.