Access Gerrit on Windows

1 . Install PuTTY from, install to C:\tools\putty
2 . Install Git for windows from, install to
3 . Install TortoiseGit from,
install to C:\tools\TortoiseGit
4 . Copy your and id_rsa to c:\tools\git\.ssh
5 . Open a CMD window, go to C:\tools\git\bin and test the connection to the gerrit
server as follows:

ssh -v  [gerrit server]

You should see something like:

debug1: Entering interactive session.

**** Welcome to Gerrit Code Review ****

Hi [Your Name], you have successfully connected over SSH.

Unfortunately, interactive shells are disabled.
To clone a hosted Git repository, use:

git clone ssh://[userid]@[gerrit server]/REPOSITORY_NAME.git

debug1: client_input_channel_req: channel 0 rtype exit-status reply 0

6 . Run PuTTYGen (C:\tools\putty\puttygen.exe) to make a PPK version of your private

a) File | Load Private Key | specify location of your id_rsa

b) Save Private Key | choose filename (e.g. id_rsa.ppk)

c) File | Exit

7 . Run Pageant (C:\tools\putty\pageant.exe) to present your ssh key:

a) Right-Click on Pageant icon in the system tray on lower left corner of
desktop (see
for example)

b) Add Key | Select Private Key File | point to your PPK key created in step 6b.

c) To have Pageant start up automatically on boot, follow the steps in

8 . Run TortoiseGit Settings app with : Start | TortoiseGit | Settings

a) Set Git.exe path for MSysGit to C:\tools\git\bin

b) Hit Apply | OK

9 . Create folder for git checkout (ex : c:\myproject )
10 . Right-click on folder and choose “Git clone…” and choose URL and directory,
and hit OK to start sync.
If you get an error, scroll up in dialog box for git command output and send
to the group.